After drawing construction in draw mode

Hey, Finally I finish create a drawing with pattern (form) in draw mode, and I don’t know what I must to do next in Valentina? I can’t use any tools, because it don’t work and I don’t understand how it use … :frowning:

I can’t use function create group in operations, and anything else in details… I would like to segragate bodice (front and back) from construction mesh and work on template to print. Please help me :slight_smile: I’m asking for tutorial where it will be explained for layman :wink:

I found some tutorials on YT, but I don’t understand new group tool and I don’t know how to separate and move elements in my drawing (front and bodiece are the same part)

Before you will be able to use any tools in Details mode, you will have too create the “detail”. Think of the detail as the printable pattern piece(s) and the work you did in Draw mode as your scratch paper.

To create the detail (your last step in the Draw mode) you must use the seam allowance tool. It was not intuitive for me either until somebody told me about it.

Notice the red arrow pointing to the icon for the seam allowance tool. After you click on the seam allowance tool, follow the instructions on the detail line in the lower left corner to select the points for your details.

You will probably want to create two separate details (paper pattern pieces) from your drawing. (front bodice and back bodice)


after you used the seam allowance tool, use the top menu to enter “Details” mode. You should see the detailed pieces that you have created. you will then want to explore the use of the seam allowance tool in Detail mode where it gives you more options than it did in Draw mode. you will probably also want to explore the use of “Pins”. You have to go back to Draw mode and add a point as a pin before it will show up in Details mode. Once the pin has been added, you will see it in details mode and have the option to use it as a point to which you can pin your labels. I hope this helps

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Use the Seam Allowance Tool in the Details group to create the outlines (Seam Allowances) of your detail pieces. Create one Seam Allowance for Front Bodice, and another for Back Bodice. Then add internal paths with Piece Path tool to mark pocket placement, button lines, etc.

Then goto Details mode (select Detail icon on the top menu bar). Right click on a detail piece and select Options. Name each detail piece, add labels and grainlines and passmarks. Save. Then generate a layout image.

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Very thanks for help :slight_smile: Today I realize assistance and my work goes better :)))

Actually I work on drawing a blouse. I did Back Bodice. I have a question about points insert pattern. I did dart on waist and I don’t know why it isn’t visible on datails mode and eventually on layout. I use to do this “pins”.

slpencer wrote about “piece path” but darts probably it’s not the same with pocket etc. in using tools.

I would like to add passmarks, but it isn’t works.

I switch on screens :slight_smile:

I’m curious if is possible to print all Back Bodice (right and left) not half. And how to mark on layout points linking back and front (example on waist and hips or corresponding points armpit and sleeve)

These are called ‘Passmarks’ and are added after you have created your detail:

To create the whole (left and right) panel, you will need to draw it in the drawing mode and select it all in the detail mode. You can use the ‘Flipping objects’ tools under the Operations for this purpose:

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Thanks for explain these tools :slight_smile: Have a nice day.

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Hi Toffi:) My pattern looks very similar to yours:)

Maybe you know how to transfer darts (on your image points A50, 51, 52) to layout mode? When I create a detail, darts are considered as a separate pattern, and in layout mode they appear as completely separate piece.

Add internal darts as internal paths with the Internal Path tool in Details group. Add the path to your detail by choosing the detail’s name in the picklist. (First create your detail seam allowance and give it a name☺)

Thank you @slpencer. I try to do so, but is seems that I’m missing something. First I created 2 details in Draw mode:

  • 1)my back bodice
  • 2)internal dart

Than I go to the Details mode and name the details. When I choose specific detail I can go to its optionsusing right mouse button. Among options I can see “Internal paths” bookmark, but I still dont know how to insert anything there (it is empty).

You must return to Draw mode and select Internal Path tool.

Is it possible that I don’t have this tool in Valentina

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No, the red curve.

Here is a video test_InternalDart.m4v (978.6 KB) showing these steps:

  1. Create a detail piece (Draw mode, Details group, Seam Allowance tool),

  2. Name the detail piece (Details mode, rightclick on piece, Options, Labels)


  3. Create an internal path and add it to the detail piece: (Draw mode, Detail group, Piece Path tool)


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I’m sorry for long silence. dismine- It turned out, that this red curve is called “Piece path tool” (as also slpencer noticed) in my version. I used it and it worked:slight_smile: Thank you slpencer for detailed instruction.