Compile issues with Windows 8

Windows 8 64bit QT 5.7 NSIS Cloning Srouce Tree using: TortioseHG

cd %SOURCE%/scripts/make_install.bat

I build the valenina.exe

Run Valentina, comes up with version Which is older then the version I’ve been using of

What am I doing wrong in not getting a newer version?

First of all i made the Wiki page Hacking:Building that contains a lot useful information.

But i also want to comment information you gave me.

If you want to build an installer for the develop branch you need to install Inno Setup.

When you clone you have all repository not just one branch. This is the reason why i do not recommend such a way for newbies. Probably you did not know that by default you will get the default branch. Before building you should switch to the develop branch.

I am new to this.

I’m using windows file manager, right click my folder, click “tortoiseHG Clone” and enter for the cloning. Is this not correct?

Not sure what you mean by switch to develop branch meaning, in what area of the process?

I do not have any HG applications in my web browser.

I would recommend you first do as said in the Wiki page. And only after you manage building try to figure out how to work with HG and TortoiseHG. You can skip TortoiseHG step for now.

Have you tried these two commands from the command window? Cange to your Valentina clone directory first. These commands pull the latest code from the bitbucket repo and switch your “view” to the correct branch: I run these commands daily.

hg pull hg update develop

Then build with make_install.bat as usual.