Drafting patterns from basic bodice blocks


i’ve made my first pattern in valentina, which is a simple male bodice. i did it in order to draft a parka pattern from it, but now i just can’t realise how to use it as a guide for drafting the parka in a new file, not making a mess in the same one. should i keep using the same file for every pattern i’ll make?

sorry if it’s an obvious question but i really couldn’t find more information or any tutorial on how to draft a pattern from a basic bodice, using its points as references for a new garment.


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Hello Rodrigorosa I’ve asked the same question and I’ve got answer that that is possible with this version but they didn’t have time to make tutorial for that tool and I am also waiting for this explanation. I suppose at some moment someone will make it. They are very busy so it takes time. I really need that to be able to use this program since that is the point of making basic shape.

Hi @rodrigorosa,

As i understand your question right you have a pattern with base. Okay. Than you want make a pattern based on this base.

  • The simplest solution is to copy a file and continue work in a copy.
  • Future version 0.5.0 supports marking a pattern read-only. This will prevent rewriting your base and force you to make a copy.
  • Also we have a proposal, see issue #337 Master pattern and derived pattern. Don’t know when it will be implemented.

thanks a lot @dismine!

My brief example method:

Make file copies of your simple_male_bodice file. Rename that file to Parka_male. Modify Parka_male as needed.

Using a different color for the lines of the parka pattern, draw those line using the bodice points as needed. Select the parka pattern color lines as the pattern piece when creating the pattern.

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Hi @Teodoragodar, Could you make a video tutorial for everyone? We can post it on our YouTube channel.

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That is exactly what I am waiting for!!

Waiting for what? :slight_smile:

for the version where we will be able to trace our pattern from the bodice without having it on the same layer.

I don’t like wait. If wait nothing will change.:slight_smile:

I think it is misunderstanding. I am the one that doesn’t know how to draft in this program. I need to cut that basic bodice that I have made and to rotate and adjust pieces. I believe you call that drafting. Sorry but English is not my native language

@Teodoragodar, sorry I misunderstood. :smiley_cat:

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Hello again. Is there any news about video tutorial? I am basically stacked at this level until someone doesn`t explain how to draft from existing pattern.

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@Hi Teodora! Which patternmaking system are you using? If you don’t use one, you should pick one. It will make learning Valentina easier, and we can translate the system into Valentina. There isn’t just a “normal” way to make patterns manually or digitally. It’s all based on which measurements you have chosen to use. If you only use a few measurements (height, bust, waist,hips) you will have to use proportions for the missing measurements, and these proportions are errorneous for most people (80%) because they are based on a northern-european aesthetic of the perfect body from the Victorian era. On the plus side, using only a few measurements will get you a base pattern that actually fits no one but is acceptable for making clothing which has similar fit to clothing found in stores. So when you tell us the patternmaking system you will use, we can start to help you learn Valentina.

@rodrigorosa & @teodoragodar, To create a new pattern using your basic pattern block:

  • Open your basic pattern block.
  • Save it as another file name with File/Save As.
  • Then add new points and other changes to create your garment design. You will not change the original file because you saved it as a new file.

There are proposed new features in the roadmap to make this process more sophisticated in the future.

Hello. Since English is not my native language, I am not sure about system that I use. I created basic bodice with basic measures and formulas that influence every each of lines if basic measurements are changed. In our schools that is how we learn to make patterns. Now I do have pattern that I need to draft. Previously someone told me it’s possible with this version of valentina but that group of tools is not very clear how to move,rotate piece. So it’s said that someone will eventually make video tutorial but it’s a couple months later and that is why I asked. I understand you are all very busy so I waited. I did try it many times but couldn’t find out how to do it. So now I am not using program because I can only make basic pattern. I am seamstress and I sew to a measure so I do need drafting option very much. Thanks for your interest and explanation

Did you watch other threads? @slpencer, posted several days ago good example of using rotate tool (example of moving dart). Also we had video from other users that also show using these new tools.

Thank you very much. I found it