Error bad id. Program will be terminated


When trying to unite two pieces using the union tool in the Detail mode, I receive this message:

“Error bad id. Program will be terminated. ExceptionBadId: , id = 120”

How do I resolve this?

I am using the Mac OSX V0.5.0; I have also tried the newest test Mac OSX V0.6.0a and received the same message.

Thanks, Theodore

You should show me your file and tell me how do you unite pieces.

Hmm, I just went through the process again in the same order and was able to unite the pieces. I must have been doing something wrong on my end, I am sorry to bother you with this.

Below are images of the pattern. If it happens again, I will reach out. Thank you.



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Okay. To fix such bug i need to know exactly your steps.