Error in seam allowances

Hey I don’t know why when I add seam allowances, and I do it probably correct (becouse in other elements detail it’s done) my patterns looks like these:

Zrzut ekranu (250)

Of course in layout it’s the same problem.

Please a advise about union tool and piece path too/ insert node tool. Piece tool I use to example for pocket in front bodiece in blouse, insert node tool to mark buttoms etc. And it’s visible in international patch and I’m so glad becouse it’s OK :wink: Pins I use to mark where points may meeting during sewing (for examle armpit and sleeve). I have trouble in this construction drawing in one of part- back element, bucouse pin it isn’t showing on detail and layout. I did it in the same way how in front but isn’t work correct…

Union tool isn’t active and I’m thinking to what it possible to be used?

I’m sorry if I asked about basics things but I don’t understand wiki in English and I need prompt for dummy :wink:

Best regards and thx for help and generally patience :slight_smile:


Are you sure that A1 is in your main path list?

‘Insert node’ is to insert a node into a main pass if you missed it when you chose you nodes for a pattern piece. Piece path tool is for any internal lines (markings for pockets, darts etc). I use pins to mark position of grain line. For labeling points that has to connect during sewing choose corresponding nodes in the main path of details (e.g. in armskye and in a sleeve cup) that you want to connect and label them as passmarks. Union tool works in detail mode, and it to unite two pattern pieces into one. I don’t use this tool.

@Olgatron, If you used ‘Insert Node’ tool to insert a node, don’t forget to go into the Options of the pattern piece, move the node to it’s place in the order of selection where it should have been and to activate it.

@Toffi, I haven’t been able to recreate the error that you have. Please either attach a photo of your node selections like this: image

Or upload the .val & .vit files so that I can see what’s happening. :slight_smile: Thank you


yes, true - I forgot to mention that!

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Thanks Grace :slight_smile:

I did that and it’s fantastic function. Very helpful tool and wiht pin and insert node tool are my favourite :wink:

I use Valentina often and more and more come to the conclusion it’s veeery thought out and logic, because softwere is consistent.

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