Failed to compute left/right minimum bearings for ""


I’ve just installed Valentina on Arch linux.

When I create a new pattern piece I get the following error, then valentina just closes.:

Failed to compute left/right minimum bearings for ""

Has anyone else run into this problem?

The same thing happens if I try to load up a pattern from a file. I get this error for every point in the pattern, then valentina closes.

which version of valentina did you install?

Arch linux is not one of the “supported” configurations. listed on the page. That said, I am happy to help if I can, and there are probably others on this forum who know more than I. Can you describe your linux installation?

The symptoms you describe lead me to believe there may be some lower level library that is either not installed or not configured properly. Valentina is built on the Qt (software) - Wikipedia. Do you have Qt installed? what sort of desktop environment do you use?

I use KUbuntu 17.04 which I upgraded from 16.04. I use the KDE Plasma desktop, which is packaged with KUbuntu. Qt is packaged with KDE.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I am using Antergos linux, an Arch based distro.

Arch has a package manager, some packages maintained by contributors. Valentina is one of those packages, the details of which can be found here:

The Valentina version in the Help menu is and using QT5.9.1. Screenshot from 2017-09-04 19-52-33

I am using the latest build by the original developer (screen name dismine) which uses Qt version 5.7.1. The valentina version is listed as and the build date was September 4, 2017. Dismine publishes an updated build every Monday and I get the updates automatically from this ppa

(sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dismine/valentina-dev) That one is for ubuntu, I am not suggesting that you use it

I just poked around a little bit at the Arch linux link you gave above and I suspect you would have better luck asking for support there. in that repository, I found found the PKGBUILD file PKGBUILD.txt (804 Bytes)

(I renamed the file, adding the “.txt” suffix to the file name to get it past the screener for uploading it to this forum site) The first line in the file identifies the maintainer:

“# Maintainer: Cristian Porras

It would be worth you trying to contact the maintainer, since the other Linux configurations do not seem to have the same issue. I am basing that statement on the fact that I have never seen anybody talk about your particular issue (Failed to compute left/right minimum bearings for )

I suggest that you continue to monitor this forum, since I am not one of the software maintainers and it is possible that I am mistaken about what the problem is. It is my opinion that the problem has something to do with an incompatibility or configuration error in the way the main valentina software in the way it interfaces with the Qt packages.

Please note also that I found the following comments on the AUR (en) - valentina link which you gave me:

pollopolis commented on 2017-06-28 21:13

Just fixed the build error “fatal error: QForeachContainer: No such file or directory” Maverick commented on 2017-06-28 19:43

Seems to be broken: “fatal error: QForeachContainer: No such file or directory”

Good luck and please come back and report if you find a fix

Does not apply to the OP’s error. There were a bunch of #include references to QForeachContainer - probably when something got added to Valentina. If one just clones the repo without updating you get a bunch of these when compiling and the build fails.

A quick Google search for “Failed to compute left/right minimum bearings for” yielded some references to the QFontEngine… so I’m thinking it’s to do with Qt & the fonts. Just a thought… try changing Valentina’s font before doing any patterns or check that the font Valentina is trying to use is on your system.

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Fonts and Qt are a known issue in ArchLinux:

Very bad fonts in Qt applications under GNOME / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

So it does seem related to fonts. After messing around with system fonts ans font scaling, things seem to be working fine.

Not sure if it was specifically due to having font scaling, or if was the font. But I’ll play around a little bit more to try to isolate which one was the culprit.


Archlinux is a bit different than other distributions, it uses its own packaging system, so its difficult for a project like Valentina to create packages for it

If you know of an Archlinux packager who would like to package Valentina please ask them to contact us!

If you wish to contact the package maintainer listed in the Archlinux repository information, I looked him up:

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