Font compatible with plotters


Problem Currently Valentina uses font for layouts which are not compatible with pen plotters. (fonts are not optimized and it takes a minute to print two letters. Normally it takes two minutes print whole layout including all inscriptions) Pen plotters are most commonly used to print pattern layouts in production environment.

Solution To use single-line font for layouts. (those fonts are optimized for engravers, plotter, etc.)

Below there is an article on how inkscape extension makers solved this issue. Maybe it will be helpful

This is related to issue #669 DXF Export text as text. Can you copy paste your comment there?

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I am currently looking to implement this feature. And cannot decide should we or not save information about label font inside of pattern file? Can someone help me with suggestion?

In searching for solutions to this with my plotter, I found Single Line Fonts, which has TTF fonts (and other formats like OPF that are unfortunately not as well supported right now) that work with Seamly2D - I have my “Label” font set to “SLF Engineer”, which looks great - the TTF versions have double the lines, so they’ll get drawn over twice, but this is acceptable in my situation. They have some details on the fonts here:

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