How to install latest testbuild w/o removing 0.5.0


can anyone teach me how to install latest test-build without removing the existing installation of stable version 0.5.0 ?

The latest test build prompts me to remove the installed version 0.5.0.

thanks for any help.

I think that this isn’t possible at the moment.

@slspencer, can i open and edit my ver0.5.0 Val and Vit files if i will install the latest testbuild 0.6.0? What do you think is the best work around to this backward incompatible version files? any help is greatly appreciated.

@kuya_jos, Yes you can open v0.5 in v0.6, but like most software, you can’t open v0.6 in the older v.05. V is not backwards compatible because there will be objects made by tools in the v0.6 files that the older v.0.5 software won’t know how to process.

If using Windows … Simply rename the …/programs (x86)/Valentina folder to something like Valentina 5, then install the new build. It will say it’s already installed, go ahead - it will just create a new …/programs (x86)/Valentina folder. When asked during the install, uncheck any of the file associations if you still want to associate files with previous Valentina version. Also, I would change the target folder of the older (stable) version’s desktop shortcut to reflect what you renamed the folder… and rename the shortcut to some thing like Valentina 5 while you’re at it.

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Hi Douglas, thanks for your advice. i tried to rename the folder, then the prompt asked me to select uninstall old version 5, but when i selected “YES”, nothing happened, just like selecting “NO”.

Maybe a simple change in the Valentina setup to allow an install to a different folder would make this a moot point?

Until then… I’ve tried this using both Windows 7 & 8 and it seems to work, can’t comment on 10.

  1. Using File Explorer rename the C:\Program Files (x86)\Valentina folder
  2. On the Desktop rename the Valentina shortcut.
  3. Select the Properties of the shortcut and change the Target: and Start In: to reflect the folder name change.
  4. Open the Control Panel, select Uninstall a Program, then uninstall Valentina. It won’t remove the program due to the fact it can’t find it now, but it will clear the registry - including the file associations.
  5. Install the latest test build… as of today it’s Valentina Might as well leave the file associations checked… you can always later change the file associations back to Valentina 5.

As a note, I’ve been using Valentina for a couple weeks and have found no critical bugs to cause it to crash under normal conditions. I have no reason to go back to 5, but like Susan mentioned if you do create a pattern in any of the later test builds, it won’t open in 5.


Hi Douglas, thanks for this very detailed instructions. I will try your procedure every step of the way and hope to succeed. your efforts to help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Doug, unfortunately, windows10 did not work for me on this, or i was wrong in something i don’t know about. i will just stay with ver5.0 thanks for your help.

How hard would it be to create a portable version, where everything needed to run it was contained in a single folder structure? That would solve a number of problems and would let people run it right off of a USB stick or even from a Dropbox/OneDrive/etc. folder. PortableApps is a very mature project that would be a good match for Valentina, especially as it has so many resources for developers.

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The issue is not so much making it portable, but rather giving one the option of “Which” folder to install to using the Windows installer. Right now it wants to place it in the same folder …/Program Files(x86)/Valentina, wiping out the current version.

As it it right now you can copy the Valentina folder to a USB drive (or where ever) and it will run.

Of course there is the option of using the source code and building the project on your own. You can then rename the built Valentina.exe and copy it to the current Valentina program folder. You could have as many versions as you want running that way.

Hi Doug, i did a work around in win10 ,after changing the folder name to Valentina ver5/ and uninstalling the registry. i reinstalled ver5.0 (same ver5) in a default folder Valentina5.0 and then installed the testbuild ver6 that removed the ver5 on the default folder. then i created the shortcut of the old version 5 including the tape. somehow it worked. thanks again for the earlier tips.

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I am fairly sure that the structure of the file system that “Valentina expects” under Windows is a function of the tools used in the build. The original developer did not build on a windows system and did use scripts to port the build on a linux based system to other target environments. I have not really tried to reverse engineer this, but if somebody wants to, I would start by looking at

One of the nice things about PortableApps is that you can create a (Windows) portable version that you can run straight from any folder pretty easily without coding; their Launcher takes care of everything. (Basically, you just need to use a particular folder structure and create a configuration file.)

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