How to show the length of lines in diagram?

Huh? In what universe? The whole concept of grouping objects. - in any application - is to apply the group properties to EACH member… you can’t do that if you allow objects to belong in more than one group. Not to mention, we’ve only been talking the visibility property here… what happens to a group color, linetype, lineweight… or any yet to be determined group properties if you allowed an object to belong in more than one group? It would be a mess.

Simple. Don’t put point A in any group. Create a vest group, a cravat group, and a trouser group.

Exactly. Although I can definitely say it will be Red, as that’s what all basepoints are… on purpose. :wink:

I don’t see how. Each tool object has a boolean visibility member… when you toggle a group, it toggles the visibility member of each object. You could have 10 ways to do groups, but it still comes down to whether the object visibility is toggked on or off, and subsequently the associated qgraphicsitem that you see on screen. If one group way changes, it pulls the carpet out so to speak of any other way of grouping objects. That’s more or less what currently happens… as you have to toggle this, this, AND this, but NOT that, OR sometimes both, XOR sometimes neither.

On the other hand I could try and maintain the current behavior by including a preference to use “old style groups”, but I have no idea how that would work / look with all the other group properties I plan on adding? I suspect for example a tool would take on the props of the 1st group that is found that contains that tool object… or not. I seem to recall I previously added in my earlier fork a “groupId” element to each tool that was used when parsing a pattern file, that’s used to get a tool’s group properties.

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Thank you, that would be great, as long as it works in the same way as it works now. :slight_smile:

These are helpful, but it would also be useful to be able to specify length lines/angles on the final design being printed similar to how you print the labels. Let’s say I wanted to print a soft copy but simply use the output as a reference as I draft the varying blocks on the actual cloth. After designing, drafting, I can have an output showing this line is 2", pants length is 4.25 inches etc.


In other words you would like to be able to use values from the Variables Table to fill a placeholder in a label?

Much like I note on most patterns I do… where I’ll note the chest, waist, etc measurements a given pattern sews up to.

I can take a look at feasibility of this… it could be quite simple to do, or as the case usually is, quite involved.