I seek a maintainer


Does someone here wants to be a maintainer? I seek person how will be maintainer of pull requests. Why? De Facto only i have rights to pull changes to repository now. This is bad design. Also no one check my changes. There should not be any excuses even for me. I donโ€™t know all as some say me.:slight_smile:

So, if we will find one or several volunteers we could make this process real. But be aware i code a lot for this project. :slight_smile:

@koranin might be a good candidate. He is open to it. He is experienced with code review, though is still quite new to this project. He prefers to avoid troubleshooting (i.e. version control, environment issues, etc.) but is happy to perform code review and collaboration.

What is a good next step?

When i say a maintainer i mean someone who also will be in change hitting button Merge. In theory good healthy community has several maintainers with right to push code to a main repository. Right now technically access only in my hands. This is not good, i think.

Right now we get only few pull requests so no much work to do. But in future, i hope, it will change.

A maintainer task is to make pull request review and check:

  • Name of an author. Better to provide real name instead of nick name.
  • Check if merging in correct branch.
  • Find out what purpose of this PR. What problem does it solve.
  • Merge PR if it matches previous criterias.

I did not said anything about perfectly correct PR. Because it is not important. From now one iโ€™d rather spend 15 minutes fixing minor issues i see than 5 hours explaining what is wrong with the code. We will merge and go further.

A candidate in maintainer should:

  • Want to be a maintainer.
  • At least made several PR.
  • Active in project.
  • Have free time reviewing PRs.
  • Knows rules of good PR.