Length of curves


Another quick question (I went through the forum but I didn’t find the answer): is it possible to measure the length of a curve and/or to design a curve of length x?

Thanks and happy new year! Irene

Hi @Irene! Curve lengths can be found in the f(x) dialog:

Thanks!!! Your help is precious

is there a way to specify the length of a curve ( a sleeve cap for example) prior to adjusting the angles or is it more of an “adjust and check” kindof a thing, thanks for any help.

@AgainstAllOdds You can create your sleevecap with the formulas you like. Be sure to add a midpoint along the sleevecap curve if your formulas don’t create one. Then with the Segment Curve tool, create a new point along the curve starting from the midpoint going toward the front of the sleevecap, using length of the front armscye curve (from the front bodice) plus any ease. This new point is the end of the front half of the sleevecap. Similarly, create the back sleevecap point with the Segment Curve Tool, starting from the midpoint going toward the back, using length of the back armscye curve plus any ease.