Manual de usuario en Español / User Manual in Spanish

Begoña López Mossi is an instructor at the Artediez art school in Madrid, Spain. She uses Valentina to teach a class on patternmaking, and has developed a user manual. This is fantastic work, it’s a beautiful manual. She deserves many thanks.

Download the Spanish Valentina user manual.

I am looking into translating this manual into other languages.

This could be great base for our own manual. I vote for english translation.

Does she have some feedback for us?

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That’s the plan! :smiley: It should be posted in Bitbucket in a branch for the user manual. How do you want to handle versions, like this tree structure or something else?

valentina- : …|____manual :…|____v0.4 :…|____Spanish :…|English :…| :…|____v0.5 :…|____Spanish :…|English :…|

She finished the manual quite recently. She does have feedback, but she needs some time to catch her breath.

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No, this is bad idea. We will support only the latest version. Each new component will have note ‘since version x.x.x’.

Forget about Bitbucket Wiki! We have new better wiki It also support localization. Users can create own manual versions i more than happy about this, but who knows the projects better than authors.

I’m not talking about the wiki but the code repo itself. Versions of the document should be stored and easily retrievable.

The WIkimedia engine supports versioning. You can revert any changes.

Can the wikimedia engine generate a PDF?

I saw some plugins in the list, but never tried.

This manual can now be downloaded from this link:

No funciona el link, sigue estando disponible el tutorial?

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Hi @SantiRico,

I have repaired the link to the manual. Please take note that a lot has changed in the program and it has grown a lot since this manual was written:

He reparado el enlace al manual. Tenga en cuenta que mucho ha cambiado en el programa y ha crecido mucho desde que se escribió este manual:

@LOGmoda and @luisgalpe I tagged you so that you will see the link for the book

@LOGmoda y @luisgalpe te etiqueté para que veas el enlace del libro


Thank you, I saw it

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