Meeting at FOSDEM 2018

The FOSDEM conference is considering offering Valentina a room for discussion, demonstration, etc.

Our finalized GUI design changes can be presented and we can recruit programmers to implement these changes.

We need some users to help in two ways:

  1. Someone to lead the design discussion on the wiki. It would be best if this person has UI or UX experience.

  2. Users who can attend the FOSDEM meeting and participate in the presentations and demos. And have fun!

So, who’s up for the FOSDEM meeting in Brussels, probably the 1st week in February 2018.

The dates shown on the FOSDEM are strangely ambiguous.

It shows the event as taking place on the 4th and 5th of February 2018 - which is a Sunday and Monday, but the agenda shows sessions running on Saturday and Sunday.

Any Idea as to which is correct ?

– Sorry my mistake - was looking at last years dates.

I might be interested in. Are you participating?

The exact dates for FOSDEM 2018 haven’t been published yet and the Call for Proposals hasn’t been issued.

And Yes, I’ll be there!

Keep me posted @slspencer. I’m currently planning to be there.

I can participate the presentation and demos.

@Stinde, That’s super fantastic! I will keep everyone informed here on the forum.

Is this still on?

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