Miscellaneous Minor Issues 2

Haha, yes, ummm… :blush: :blush: :blush: The word Piece… I think it came from me trying to explain one part/panel/section of a pattern here on the forum… I still haven’t figured a better word. LOL

Yes, if I recall correctly, the idea was to gather a list of sewing terms with their different translations… starting with the ones that are incorrect and needed tlc. But the general idea was to have the community add more items to it with the translations in whichever languages they could (unless I completely misunderstood it).

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Douglas responded:

Hey Grace… I think we already have a word to use… and it’s already in the Wiki. For pattern makers the word is “sloper”, for draft persons it’s “block”. Based on the fact I’m a draftsman before pattern maker, and the fact that I believe “Draw” mode should be “Draft” mode (we draft technical drawings / patterns and draw pretty pictures) I’m partial to using the term “draft block” or block for short.

I also believe the “Details” mode should be the “Piece” mode… details are something you “add” to a piece. In addition in my own version I added a second tool button and separated the tools between “Pieces” and “Add Details”… where the tools that are used in Draft mode are useable in :“Pieces” and the ones that are used in Piece mode are available in “Add Details”… eliminating the need to deal with greyed out tools. Ideally the idea should be to not even have the “Add Details” button showing in Draft mode and no “Pieces” button in Piece mode’, but that would require refactoring the Toolbox. Not something high on my list as IMO better use of the workspace can be had by adding Toolbars and / or Menus with key shortcuts for the tools and turning the Toolbox off.

Toolbox on:


Toobox off:


Yes, I get that, but what I have referred to as a ‘Pattern Piece’ in the forum, is only 1 pattern part of the pattern for the block or sloper. (I was referring to take one piece of the pattern and join it to another using the union tool, or move it to another area using the move tool.)

I think this was misunderstood in the glossary in the wiki. And, yes, personally, I don’t mind Draft as the name of the board itself.

I’m going to start a new thread for this discussion.

Eh! yes. I think this is a perfect opportunity to run an idea past you :grin: :grin: :grin:

It’s going to take some explaining…

What we have in the Details board at the moment, is… We can drag our pattern parts around - left, right, up, down… And we can export them directly to .svg and it exports exactly in the positions that we placed them in, which is wonderful. I love that feature.

But it’s had me thinking… Would it not be possible to export to tiled pdf from there, too?

If we could manually rotate the different items and lay them out as we would like them to be laid out it could solve quite a lot of the issues with layouts and grading currently experienced and could, eventually, lead to having only a Layout board where the details are added, instead of the Details (Pieces) and Layout.

One could have the size of the paper chosen as a square on the board as a guide and manually fit all your bits 'n pieces into that space or have the program place them and you tweak them.

I dunno… Just a thought…

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@Douglas, I love this idea. So one could choose to work with the Toolbox on (as previously) or with it off and have the tools just listed at the top for advanced users. Brilliant!!!

Would the tools at the top still give the name of the tool if hovered over?

Yes…it would be possible export the pattern pieces on the “Detail” (Piece) mode to PDF. In essence though you’re describing a manual “marker”… albeit a marker is specically how the pattern pieces are laid out on the fabric to cut.

I myself was a bit confused by the “Layout” mode until I realized it’s strictly for printing - with the pieces fit into whatever size paper selected in what ever automatic order.

But yes… something to think about. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I created a new issue on Githib and will implement this soon. But in a nutshell, you could have 5 ways to use a tool. 1) From the Toolbox ( which I will place in a Dock so it can be moved or hidden) 2) From a full tool Toolbar… where each tool category drops down a context menu. In other words it’s like a scaled down Toolbox 3) Each tool category will have a Toolbar… so there would one for Points, Lines, Arcs, etc. You can hide or show which ever ones you want. Future improvement would be to have a custom Toolbar you could add the tools you use the most. 4) From a new Tools menu, again with each tool category having it’s own sub menu. Each tool would have it’s own key short cut… since there are only so many char combo of CTRL-[char], most would be double key shortcuts - like off the top of my head - I,L for Intersection of 2 lines.

So yeah… the idea is a new user can use the Toobox until they get use to the icons, then switch to Toolbars to save space… and also speed things up.

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Wonderful! Thank you very much :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: