Pattern pieces overlap in layout


I have a problem that one pattern piece is overlapping the other pieces in the layout. How can I solve this?

Thank you, Marleen

Rok_Desert-Woman.val (43,7 KB) Linda_Estelle_maat_38.vit (2,0 KB)


You simply broke the rule of main path.

It says, when Valentina meets a loop it treats as main path a path it meets first.

Also you should always check your seam allowance because it is important for the layout generator.

To fix your detail start your main path outside of loop. For example like this:

I am not sure what it is you mean exactly. But I made the changes you suggested and it worked. But now I do not know why it is that in the first instance it was wrong. I don’t understand:

The first point you entered into the seam allowance was in a “loop” (your dart). Valentina interpreted the loop to be the main path. The layout used the loop to create the layout. If you look at the old layout, the diamond shape of the loop is placed properly up against another piece.

When the first point is not in a loop, Valentina produces the intended results, and your layout works properly.