Possible new feature "delete last"

I have searched and not found it if such a feature already exists. It would be really useful to be able to “delete last” without having to attempt to figure out what dependencies exist.

Example: You create a pattern piece and it appears good then you import a new set of measurements and the piece appears distorted. Clearly this is a problem with the way the pattern was drafted or a problem in the new client’s measurement file. One easy way to find out where the problem may be would be to start with the “last” object created in the pattern and keep deleting until the pattern design or measurement file issue becomes obvious.

If this description is not clear, I can provide the example .vit and .val files to demonstrate one case

From your perspective this looks like a good idea. But i see a lot problems. First you cannot delete an object if a detail was created with it. Second, information from this object can be used in another pattern piece. What to do in these cases?

Your way of thinking very familiar to what i do when debugging code. But thing is not so simple with patterns. There are a lot connections. Right now i don’t see an easy way to make “delete last”.

I think to make this idea more mature you should think more. The basic idea is clear, but still did you think little bit how would you implement if it would you who code this feature?

I have doubts that deleting it is really what you need after all. But let’s continue this discussion. For now it is not NO, it’s rather i don’t see it real.

Could this feature be added after this issue is implemented?

actually, the improvement described in the article you posted does all I would want and more. I was asking for something which I believe is far less powerful which is simply deleting the last operation performed. I was assuming that operation would create a point, line, arc, or curve and that object would have no “children” because it was the last operation performed. If it makes more sense to just wait until the cycle-free directed graph is implemented. I will troubleshoot my current pattern without the tool and be patient.

my current issue is because of the fact that “line intersecting arc” has two possible solutions and I see no way to force one or the other. I have seen either a post or an issue that points this out. I understand that the pattern I thought was resizeable gets warped with certain measurement sets, I just have not pinned down the specific object I can edit to fix the pattern.

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Please start a new thread for the ‘Intersect arc & axis’ tool.