Print patterns softwere

I can not print. I have to install some special software for printing in pdf format. When I ask you to print the mask buttons, they are inactive. If so, could you indicate the link? Thank you

What Valentina version are you are using, and which operating system ( Mac, Windows, or Linux) Does this describe the steps you followed:

  1. Generate a layout
  2. Select File/Layout/Print PDF
  3. The print dialog buttons are disabled

Can you provide screenshots of the dialog box with disabled options?

I am not sure whether this will help you. If you are running the latest version or even the version stable version, it should. Print a pattern in Valentina version 0.6.x.x - #2 by dismine

actually, I sent you the wrong pointer @agoefiloeforbici I should have sent Print a pattern in Valentina version 0.6.x.x

this is the same thread, just scrolled farther up

Thank you. Now it is ok

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