Problem typing in new axis point for new piece

Hi Guys, I am not sure if there is an outstanding issue on this or another thread, so apologies if someone has already raised or queried this issue. I am just trying to change the X and Y axis position for a new pattern piece “C” by typing the required position into the value/text box. However every time I try to enter the numbers directly but I am finding it impossible to directly overwrite or change the position. For example the default location for x:1329.71336 and I want shift it further right of the current location. Whilst I can get around this issue by dragging the point “C” of the drawing board - I just wondered if there is a way to be more accurate and type the position straight into the numerical field. More than happy to provide screen shots if required.

Thanks heaps in advance

Hi @TennilleS, as far as I can see, you can only do this manually by editing the actual file itself - which I really don’t suggest unless you really know what you’re doing.

Hi @Grace thanks for the feedback - I agree I dont really want to edit the file. But it just seems like you should be able to enter specific axis values into the program as there are editable fields which you can change with increment arrows or you can drag and drop position your new pattern piece start point. In this case “C”.

I have uploaded a screen shot just incase this helps to explain why I thought you could edit the numerical values directly.

Thanks again

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Hi @TennilleS, please create an issue on the Issue Tracker.

Already did

@dismine thanks for creating issue.

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