Problem with inches

When I try to open a measurement file done in inches, I get an error that says a pattern can’t be graded in inches and nothing happens. Could you please fix this? I’m 54 and I have no desire to start using metric at this point in my life. Thank you

When a pattern is created, the designer chooses between inches and centimeters. So the measurements need to match.

You don’t understand, I am the designer and I have the program set to inches and I take and create the measurements in inches but when I import the measurement file into V it tells me that patterns can’t be graded in inches.

Actually this is not true.:slight_smile: Values can be easely converted to pattern units.

if (qApp->patternUnit() == Unit::Inch && m->Type() == MeasurementsType::Standard)
    qWarning()<<"Gradation doesn't support inches.";
    return false;

This means when your pattern uses inches and measurements standard you can’t open a pattern. We do not support multi size tables with inches. Use individual measurements instead.

Read more about standard measurements.

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Created Issue #762.