Problems with test version

Hello, when I started learning Valentina I used version I switched to version to get the hang of new features (which are great by the way). Now I stumble across issues which did not occur in 0.4. I know that 0.5 is a test version. And maybe there are people who do specific tests and you know already what is going on. Do you still want me to tell you everything I find or better let it be for a while and look at a later time? Karen

Hi @karenc,

Thank you for given a try for test build. Whole point of releasing such builds is to get feedback and find issues as soon as possible. Other opportunity that gives a test build is possibility to use last available features and don’t wait release time. And believe me many do.

Yes! That’s the whole point. And when you decided to try test build you became that special person who do testing.:slight_smile: So, don’t be shy.:wink:

If you think that something is a bug better to create a ticket.

Thank you for your help.