Weekly downloads

Hi, everyone I’m just wondering if it is possible to create a permanent link at the top of the forum that will take one directly to the download page? I know that one can upgrade directly from the help in Valentina, but this doesn’t work for me and it’s easier just to download and install the latest version.


Why don’t create a bookmark in your browser?

I think the upgrade option in Valentina will upgrade to the latest official release. To get the weekly upgrades you should go through the website.

I have an idea how to improve notifications for test branch. But need time.

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I updated the menu to be more descriptive. ‘Download’ is first, it opens to the website and the download button is easier to notice. Also the download zone is organized into current release and weekly release groups.

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I already have so many :frowning: But I’m thinking that if one can click on a link at the top & go straight to the latest downloads, it would help a lot of others including me :slight_smile:

Oh, wonderful! Thank you very much.