Where to put a request by someone who wants to pay for a patternmaking service

Is there a place on this forum where it is appropriate to post a referral? One of the costume making groups I follow on facebook has a request by someone who wants to pay someone for the service of making a pattern from an original period dress. I realize this is off topic for the software forum and I wonder whether there could/should be a category to post this or if it just flat does not belong here.

That said, here is the message I just found.

“Does anyone know a business that would make a dress pattern from an original dress? This is just the perfect 1920’s dress and I’d kill for a pattern of it. :slight_smile: https://www.etsy.com/…/555738424/bright-blue-1920s-crepe-pa… dress pattern&ref=sc_gallery_11&plkey=481ae1776bf18764ba41e18aec26f62594609d10:555738424”. I realize the link is not complete.

Here is the facebook of the person who posted it

I saw the post today in the facebook group Vintage Sewing Pattern Nerds

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I immediately thought of @Douglas but there may be others who would be interested

I would like to know too…

Use the Jobs category and state if the job is paid or volunteer.