Wiki login problems

Today I logged into the and a phishing probe popped up asking me for username and password ( I had already entered them). Iif you get this popup when logging in just press cancel. I’ve filed a report about this.

Why do you think this is a phishing? Maybe this is a mistake. There is site And looks like their wiki is hidden behind password.

They said they are looking into it. If you look a the error message it says http:// not https://

It is possible this is a configuration issue at Miraheze that contributed to this, and that it isn’t a phishing scam. In any case, not a good situation. There were other messages when I logged out.

I logged in today, problem is resolved.

I seem to be unable to log in to the wiki. I tried using the same user name and password that I use on the Valentina blog site (which is here, I believe) and I get the error: The supplied credentials could not be authenticated. I tried logging out (here) and back in to make sure I was using the same password and was still unable to log in to the wiki site. I tried this because I wanted to read the new info that @slpencer had posted. The login issue does not prevent me from reading the information, but I assume that it would prevent me from adding to the wiki. Is this related to the login problems you already mentioned?

You should register on the wiki separately.

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You can re-use the same username and password that you use on the forum to create a new account on the wiki. The wiki and forum have different service providers.

I did just that after I read what @dismine said. I had not realized they were separate because of the integration of the menu items at the top of the forum. thanks

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