Wiki tutorial valentina for patternmaking systems

@slpencer and @grace (and others who may have strong opinions or wish to contribute):

please comment on the outline I have inserted at

@grace has already developed content for one of the sleeve modifications. I have developed content for the basic sleeve with the McCunn method. The content on the McCunn basic sleeve is not fully posted on the wiki due to time constraints, but I will get it done soon. I will be adding the sections on the bodice/shirt, skirt, and pant according to the McCunn method. My intent was to leave a spot for others to insert their knowledge on other methods.

I see this as an alternative form of user documentation for those who may find a video tutorial less than helpful (as I do). I understand that those video have a lot of value for some people. I am especially interested in feedback from anyone who may wish to contribute to this section.

Thank you very much for your attention. Kim


@kmf & @grace,


I have spent a bit of time “making it pretty” and found that formatting in the wiki takes more time than I imagined. I probably will not be done with the first half of the sleeve block tutorial until the end of this week. I am checking as I go to see that it will display on both my desktop computer and smartphone.

Once I get the formatting done on the “arm portion” of the sleeve block tutorial, I will get the content input for the “sleeve cap” portion. I will leave the “PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION” note on the pages where I am actively working until I am done.


I have left two orphaned files which I uploaded with the intent to use them in the wiki and did not. I see no way to remove them. The file names are McCunn-sl-cap-const.png and Fig-2-1-construction-drawing.jpg

If you can direct me to somewhere I can find instructions on removing them, I will clean up after myself. Otherwise, please give these file names to whomever does the “housekeeping” on the wiki

I am not sure why you gave me that particular list of files. Most of the files in that list are referenced in the wiki text that is under construction. It is only the two specific files that I originally listed:

McCunn-sl-cap-const.png and Fig-2-1-construction-drawing.jpg

that are an issue. You may see them on this page

There are many unused files listed about which I have no opinion. The two files that I named are files that I mistakenly uploaded and that I am unable to clean up after myself.

Because you can click on any name and open a file page. There you can find option Remove all.

Files have been removed.

The remove all option does not appear when I open a file page. I believe that works only if one has administrative privileges. Thank you for removing them.