3 Questions

1-Comment régler la hauteur des angles de couture 1-How to adjust the height of the seam angles


2-Comment enregistrer les pièces patrons en mode isolation existe-t-il une solution 2-How to save the pattern parts in isolation mode is there a solution

3- la fonction personnalisée il ne fonctionne pas !!! comment faut-il faire pour que cela fonctionne car je suppose que c’est là-dedans que je pourrais éventuellement créer des angles bien précis pour le réglage des coutures niveau des coins 3-the custom function it does not work !!! how does it work so that it works properly I guess it’s in there that I would like to be able to create precise angles for setting seams

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Hi @sofe

  1. How to adjust the height of the seam angles: I’m not too sure what you are trying to do. Are you trying to adjust the seam allowance? or do you want to adjust the pattern?

  2. How to save the pattern in isolation mode is there a solution: You can place the different parts of the pattern in a group, but I see from your videos that you are already doing that. And then, in the Detail mode, on the right, there is a list of all the parts that you can also close or open the ‘eye’ if you want that pattern part to be printed (cut) or not, in the layout. Other than those, you can print the different parts to .pdf and save them that way, using the ‘eye’ in Detail mode.

Je veux enregistrer au format DXF et non pas PDF car je voudrais pouvoir utiliser l’impression sur un traceur et pouvoir éventuellement dialogué avec un logiciel comme MODARIS de LECTRA qui reconnaît le format DXF

I want to save in DXF format and not PDF because I would like to be able to use the printing on a plotter and possibly be able to dialogue with a software like MODARIS of LECTRA which recognizes the format DXF

Ok, that is possible.



Je voudrais pouvoir personnaliser les angles de mes coutures mais cela ne fonctionne pas quand j’active le bouton y’a rien qui se passe Y a-t-il une procédure.

I wish I could customize the angles of my seams but it does not work when I activate the button there is nothing happening Is there a procedure

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Merci merci beaucoup Grace :grinning:

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Hmmmm… yes… I must admit that those are the settings that I have avoided at all costs :frowning: It’s such that I can’t even get the custom to work. I see that you at least get the arrows to play around with.

I’m going to hope that someone else will come by that can help you. Sorry

Although… if you create your pattern with the seam allowance built in, that would mean that by clicking the ‘Built in’ box, it should draw the seam on the inside of the pattern lines. But that would mean that you need to change your whole pattern.

Nope. That doesn’t show any seam allowances :frowning:

Pas de problème Grace, c’est bon, je vais rester avec ce réglage que je vais corriger avec Modaris. Mais encore une petite question : existe-t-il une possibilité de retourner une pièce en mode d’isolation, une pièce qui ne serait pas dans le bonne direction, comme une parementure de veste.

No problem Grace, it’s good, I’ll stay with this setting that I will correct with Modaris. But, still small, it is about the possibility of returning a pattern in isolation mode, such as a piece that would not be in the right direction as a jacket facing.

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On the Details board, on the right is a list of all the pattern pieces: image

You can choose which pieces you would like to include or exclude from the layout before you go to Layout mode.

Then you can save just those parts as .dxf, pull them into another program (like Inkscape) and move them around as you wish.

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