3d Printing a Dress Form

If any of y’all have access to a 3d printer or laser cutter & a 3d model of themselves and want to print out a 1:1 scale dress form, LuBan will do the trick for you nicely. It not only can split a model into sections for 3d printing but can hollow and peg it, as well. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make one like this, which you can cover with fabric/etc… They have a Facebook page for it, as well, and the FB group is FULL of examples of what people have been using it for.

Hope this helps!


Hi Keith!.I.dont know.if the link.is broken but I can’t see the photo of “you can make one like this”. Thank you.

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Hey Olive… I found the site is kinda of wonky. I was able to screen grab the pic:



Thanks, Douglas! Sorry for late reply…I.took a quick break.

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