A patternist for hire

I am trying to find a patternist to hire To make me a pattern.

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Hi, @Ddbaker1976 welcome to the Seamly Forum.

If you could post a brief description of the type of pattern you are wanting that would help us to figure out if it’s worth your time for us to contact you. (eg: men’s shirt, hamster hoodie, jeggings…) Also some indication of the monetary recompense you are prepared to provide for time spent patterning.



Will now seriously consider looking into the hamster hoodie business! :heart_eyes:


Sure. What i am wanting is a replica of a long boho style dress. Long in back and shorter up front. I would be able to supply you with as many pics as you need, since i hsve the dress on hand. I am not in huge hurry for it. I would like to be able to print it out also. I also have several others i am wanting made also, so it could end up being a few if it worked out. I would be willing to pay around $120.00, or somewhere around that. I was going to do it but I am intimidated by the software. :smiley: i will include a pic of one of the dresses i am wanting made. Thank you!


Dear Recruiter. My name is Rafael O. Gonzalez and I am a Pattern Graphic Designer of all kind of garment, I got good experiencie making patterns for Gentlemen, Ladies and kids. I would like to make patterns for you, just tell me what kind of garment do you want for. And I will send some samples to you by JPG or the plataform of your preference. Here you are my E-mail address. rafaelorozcog23@gmail.com Thanks for time.


Hello good morning, To start making your pattern, I need the basic measurements that you are needed for. Thanks.

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Hi @ddbaker, Have you sent @DroPeRoro your measurements?

@DroPeRoro, what measurements do you use?

  • height, height_hip, height_knee
  • bust_circ, waist_circ, hip_circ,
  • shoulder_tip_to_wrist,
  • shoulder_tip_to_shoulder_tip_f, shoulder_tip_to_shoulder_tip_b,
  • across_chest_f, across_back_b
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