About the Placement Lines category

This thread contains discussion about placement lines for:

  • pockets
  • buttonholes
  • lace
  • circuitry
  • pleats
  • tucks
  • ease
  • gathers

Why do we need this category?

Interior placement lines include pockets, pleats, tucks, buttonholes, lace, even circuitry (the people at Georgia Tech’s Wearable Computing Center are interested in Valentina in order to incorporate circuitry).

This is an important feature which can implement some of the most useful, technical, complex, and advanced aspects of a pattern. Whenever these questions come up, there is now a category for them. The users can use this thread to discuss how they will use Placement Lines.

In other words this is about internal paths?

“Placement lines” is meaningful to the users. “Internal paths” is good for a developer discussion.

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