Add more then one text lable in pattern piece

Hello everyone I wonder if is their a way to add more then one label text box on one pattern piece…? for example name label + selvage which i rotate vertical.

If I write another line of text - it’s in the same label box, so I can not control them separately

(maybe on an updated version? i’m using

best regards Moran

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As far as I know, this is not possible. Hopefully it will be in the future.



There is a way to do this, but you will have to edit the pattern properties under File > Pattern Properties > Label Data.

Fill in the fields here with the required info and create a template for the label: image

This will become your cenre pattern (main) label.

Then in the pattern layout options, you can add a 2nd label as you require it with some of your own words that are needed. Create a template for that label: image

Then you set separate labels for the 2 labels here:


I’ve done it a bit back-to-front, figuring how it works so I can show you, but this is my result :smile: :


You will need to figure out the template a bit, but it can be done :slight_smile: