Add unique identifiers for measurements

When I have to find a measurement in Seamly2D, I struggle to find the right one.

It would be much easier to use the alphanumeric identifier, which is the same in all languages. For example, P07 instead of across_back_center_to_armfold_front_to_across_back_center (centre_milieu_dos_aisselle_devant_centre_milieu_dos, in French). Not easy to remember, nor to find, as each of these words is present in several measurements.

If we could enter the letter first (for example P), then see a list of all measurements within that group, it could be useful too.


I agree, and advocated this approach at the time of its development. Using the alphanumeric ID would follow best practices of data structures and information management. We’re looking into a new architecture for Seamly, and using the alphanumeric ID as the measurement key.