Anchor points and Layout

Hello! I’ve been enjoying Seamly 2d and the replies too, but still have many “how to” questions. First, is there a manual? Second, what is the tool “add anchor point” for, and how is it used? I’m currently in Draft Tab but I’ve also added notches and seam allowances in the Details tab. Last but not least, how do i delete a layout that I am not happy with? Thank you in advance.

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The manuals are a bit outdated, but you should still find some useful info in them - Seamly2D and SeamlyME

We are in the process of updating them and they can be found on the Wiki along with a lot of other useful information and videos.

The Anchor Point is a node that you create in a strategic place on your draft pattern where you would like the label or the grainline to be anchored. When making your pattern piece, you also add the achor point to the pattern piece with that tool and when you make your label/grainline, you can choose to anchor it to the anchor point.

This is a bit difficult and depends on whether you created it on its own drawing board or not. If it’s on its own drawing board, you can select and delete the main node - A, B, C… - and it should delete everything on that drawing board. This should work for all the drawing boards, except the 1st one.

If everything is on one drawing board, you will need to delete each object from the last item created to the first item. In other words, in the reverse order that you created them in. This includes lines, curves, arcs, nodes… Everything.

If you want to delete the whole pattern & start again, I’d start the new pattern on a new name and keep the other for a while to check up what you did where. Once you’re happy with the new pattern, then you can delete the old one.

Note - Start by deleting any pattern pieces first.

Hint: I keep copies as I go - 1, 2, 3, 4 added to the pattern name - by using the Save As option. This way, when I’ve finished the back, I put it into a group & then Save As. When I have the front done, group & Save As. Sleeve, same thing. When my pattern is complete and I’m happy with it, I save the final one without the 1, 2, 3, etc. and delete on of the others, so that I only have the one pattern named accordingly.


Formerly reffered to as Pins - if you see that term used.

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Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate your time.

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Thank you!!! Yes I see that term “pin” too.

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