Anywhere I Can Donate?

Is there anywhere I can donate money to help fund this project? I’ve been using Seamly2D for so long, and I want to return the favor!


Hi @NonConsensualSoda, Yes, there’s a button on the website:


Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Digging out this old thread because: I remember the old donation link for Seamly2D, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore… Is it gone for good or is there still a way to donate?

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Hi @crn

There used to be a link on the website, but I see it has been removed. I’m sure @slspencer will be by to let us know where we can donate soon.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hi @Everyone,

We now have a Donate link in the forum’s top menu bar! And here’s the direct link from the menu.

If everyone donated $12 for the year :moneybag: we could do a lot to fix this program.
Please don’t donate $1 a month because processing fees take a big bite of that; do it all at once :smile_cat:

This is tax deductible to Fabricatorz Foundation, a US-based 501(c) non-profit that supports art projects that utilize technology. They’re based in St. Louis and only take 5% for admin fees for handling the money, writing the checks directly to programmers, providing transparent monthly bookkeeping, quarterly reporting, and file annual tax forms. They do a great job.


My first donation ! Long due, but thanks to Seamly2D, I just completed my first paid job :champagne: