App really long to open one of my file

Hi, Recently, one my file I’m using constantly makes it really long for the app to open and for every action also. When I try a recent back up of this file, it works very well.

Here’s my file and measurement.

VAIA remanié (à tester).val (515,9 Ko)

Sarah.vit (5,1 Ko)

Thank you for your help


Do you still have an earlier pattern version (v0.6.0.1 or earlier) of the files you could upload? I want to check to see if there is an issue in converting to the newer ver.

BTW… is there a reason why all your measurements are “custom” instead of using known measurements?


Yes I have an older version.

8 manches.val (179,1 Ko)

It has a lot less items than the first file.

I did my pattern regarding an italian method so I just thought of writing the same names. I didn’t know it was better to put known measurements.


I sometimes just use the custom measurements. I find that scrolling through the known measurement list/diagrams to find what I want time consuming both because there are so many measurements included to wade through, and the measurement names are sometimes not ones I use. For instance, the word nape is never used, its back neck. I also use proportional formulas so i can compare the formula to the actual measurement taken and adjust my pattern accordingly.

I understand that those measurements and diagram were taken from multiple sources to attempt to include all possible variations in drafting systems.


The known measurements are given standard names, and are translated… which means it should easier for you to identify which measurement is which while making it easier to share the pattern with others who speak a different language.

That being said, I tried to open the (newer) pattern and it just hangs. I’ll take a look at the older ver and compare it to the newer one to see if I can identify the issue.


Just create a template of measurements to use to create new measurement files. I have a pretty comprehensive set of measurements that I compiled from a couple theatres we work with all the time. I only had to create the file once… chances are if there is a measurement that’s not in my template, it’s got to be rather esoteric.


I believe the idea was to be able to select a specific drafting system, and a template of the required measurements would have automagically been created. Has not been implemented at this time.

That being said… You find it easier to do all that extra typing? Also by using custom measurements you loose the ability to have the measurements translated to different languages. Not sure if you’re aware of that part of the mission of the App is to be able to share patterns via the Cloud app. Using lots of custom measurements kinda defeats the usability for sharing patterns… but the user has the choice to use either/or or both. :slight_smile:


I did not know that sharing patterns was part of the reason/mission for the app. I am curious about what that entails. Blocks? Finished styles? Is there a wish list that people have for pattern availability? I havent tried to make a measurement template-something else to learn.

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Hi, @Ttailor

You will find the Pattern Cloud here:

It is basically a pattern storage where you may also share your patterns with others, if you wish. There is no ‘wish list’, but that’s not a bad idea :upside_down_face:

At this point, it’s not a case of creating a ‘template’ but rather using 1 measurement file and using it to create other measurement files by just saving it under a different name. This way, you don’t need to find all the measurement areas required but only editing the measurements for a different individual.

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Semantics. I just used the term as it sort of fits. In the true sense we should have File-> options to load / save pattern and measurement files as (empty) “templates” so as to avoid accidently over writing existing files.

That being said… has anyone thought of creating template files for the different measurement systems? It would be a simple thing to do… giving if ne knows what measurements are needed for each system. Then one could simply load the template for that system and fill in the measurements without having to go through the process as Ttailor pointed out. We could include these with the distributions.


I was able to load the older ver with no problem I will compare it to the newer one to see if I can find what the issue is. If I can’t determine what the problem is by looking through the pattern files, I will attempt to load the pattern file with the app in Debug mode so I can step through line by line to find the issue.


Am I correct in understanding that you can export a measurement file in a different format but not import one?

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Thanks, i will have a look at that.

Making a “template that way didn’t occur to me. I have just recently managed to create a print at home pdf as an experiment(trousers for my daughter) and I am using it to delve a bit deeper into creating basic womens’ blocks using the older Muller et Sohn as a base, so that may be helpful to me.


When you say “format” I assume you don’t mean a different file type?

Here’s what you can do in SeamlyMe:

You can create a measurement file by importing the measurements used in an existing pattern file. Obviously only useful if you only have a pattern file and no measurement file.

You can create a measurement file - let’s call it Bret.vit. You can load Bret.vit… add measurements to it and rename it Tom.vit. Now create a pattern - lets call it pattern1.val - using measurements from Bret.vit. You can load pattern1.val using Bret.vit OR Tom.vit - as Tom.vit contains all the measurements from Bret.vit. Now create pattern2.val using measurements from Tom.vit. Loading pattern2.val you can only use Tom.vit as Bret.vit does not contain all the measurements in Tom.vit… or you get this:


In terms of making it easier to add known measurements in SeamlyMe:

You can collapse the measurements tree groups:


You can filter the measurements tree… for example if you only want “neck” measurements:


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Like I said I believe the intent of the Pattern Making system pref was to be able to automagically create a measurement file with all the needed measurements for that system. There’s nothing preventing someone from creating a " Muller_et_Sohn.vit" with all the needed measurements for that system that could then be used - as it were - as a template. Again a collection of these templates could included in the distributions. IMO it provides the Pattern Making System with a better solution as the measurement templates would not have to be hardcoded in the app, and could be created by anyone that has knowledge of a specific pattern system and SeamlyMe, but no experience with c++. From a programming standpoint I would make it so the “templates” are read only in some fashion so as to avoid accidentally over writing the files.


Yes, they have been collected on the My-Pattern cloud, but they have measurements attached.

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I am sorry that this thread got derailed, but one last comment.

I want to contribute somehow, and since coding is not something I can do, I could create some template files for a few different drafting systems if it is useful. I will start a new thread for this.