Armholes and Measuring Curves

Hi there, I’m Jam and very new to digital pattern-making but have been drafting for years. I’ve started Minimalist Machinist’s tutorial on YT to get acquainted with the software. After inputting a few dozen measurements, there are some great references to use. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to implement a few of them. Specifically, I’ve created what look like decent curves for armholes and basic collar. BUT how do I measure them/ input them to make sure the total curve lengths are what I need them to be?

Any direction appreciated, Jam


Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @CraftingByJam

I’ve taken to making a line with the length of the armhole curve and the length of the sleeve cap curve with a little line connecting the 2 so that I can easily see the difference between them by hovering over the little line:


You can do this for any curves that you wish to compare.

There are a few topics on creating perfect curves, specifically one by @Krolich and another by @KeithFromCanada - both of which taught me how to do this.

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