Balance of the back and front bodice block

Hello I need help, how do you turn the back of the pattern over and put it on the front to check the balance. Thank you very much for your help.


Are you asking how in Piece mode to flip the back piece?

If so, that’s not directly possible, but you could use the mirror tool, (you’ll find it in the Operations toolset, or one of the key codes —ML to mirror by line, MA to mirror by axis—) to flip the draft, so when you trace it off it’s aligned with the front piece.

Or I’m misunderstanding what you’re getting at.


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Are you trying to check the run of seams between the front and back?

If so you could create 2 separate lines and in the formulas enter the points and curves that make up the seam length respectively. You can then check in the Variables table to see if the lengths match - or are close enough. I’ve used this technique to check if a sleeve cap fit the armhole.


Thanks to Douglas and Pneumarian, I will make a small video to explain clearly, what I want to do. sorry for the late reply, I will activate the notifications