Base Size in seamly2d and seamlyMe

Dear community

I have a question regarding the use of multisize tables in seamlyMe combined with patterns in seamly 2d.

When constructing a pattern in seamly2d I use to load a multisize table to the pattern so that grading is included in the first step of the construction. (works like a charm even though a stacked view of the grading would make me feel more secure about my graded patterns:))

to do this i open my patterns and select a range of sizes and heights as well as a base size and height in the pattern and in the multisize file (.vst). My multisize files contain a range of horizontal and vertical grading values. (see screenshot)

as far as i understood the base size selected in the grading file is prioritised from the base values in the pattern.

This leads to the result that i need a grading table for every base pattern with a different base size. Is this correct? Can I somehow avoid the rising amount of multisize files in my database?


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Hi @jan, You do have the right idea. However, the In Heights column only really works when you use the Russian standard tables where the length and width is minutely adjusted according to the height and width of a person, so I advocate to ignore the height column.

You may create a multisize file for each set of sizes that use the same increment values. This would normally be only 3 files: Size 34 to 44 with 4cm, then Size 46 with 5cm and then Size 48 to 52 with 6cm.

When it comes to height, most patterns will tell you how to adjust the pattern for height, however, Seamly2D doesn’t do this, so you could use formulas in your Variables table which you use while creating your pattern.

In this topic, I also discussed this a bit: Différent increments for multisizes

Have fun :slight_smile:

Dear Grace

Thank you very much for your explanations…

I find the height column quite useful (working with my own tables) because it allows me to include short/medium/long measurements and adjust sleeve and leg lenghts automatically…

mainly, I was not sure if I understood the settings with the base size correctly. I do need to make an extra .vst file for every base size of pattern? ie have a .val file of a pair of flat city trousers in 48 and another one in 46. I need an extra .vst file for both?

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No, for the Size 34 - 44, you can use 34 as the base size with the 4cm in the size column. Then if you put size 38 on your pattern it will automatically calculate from size 34 adding 4cm for each size it needs to go up until it reaches size 38.

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