Berlin tutoring?

Are there any Berlin based users that would be able to tutor me for a few sessions?

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I’m not in Berlin but are the lessons to use the program? or to draft patterns?

If it’s to use the program, you can check on the wiki, there are various videos and manuals that will help you to get going very quickly. While the program looks very complicated the first time you open it, it’s really very user friendly and everyone on the forum are very helpful.

If you need to learn how to draft patterns, there are various books and websites that will get you going. I used Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Patternmaking for Women. Her instructions are very clear and to the point and her books are available from Amazon.

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Thank you Grace! I will definitely have a look at your suggestions. I am understanding more and more but wanted to have someone there to answer my questions and help solve some tricky parts for me. But hopefully your sources will help me further!

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You’re very welcome. You can also browse around the forum and see how we do help people with tricky problems.

HI @poupsinella! Are you willing to pay for tutoring?

Hi @poupsinella, I’m currently putting together a Seamly2d workshop in Berlin set to happen around end of August. I might be a bit late with my answer here, but if you’re still interested in Seamly2D tutoring, workshops and classes, I can put you on my mailing list.

regards, Corinna.