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Due to the fact that there is a relation between Seamly2D and SeamlyMe, moving around separate files has already caused me little problems as the pattern could not find the measurements file. Not that big of a problem and I easily fixed it in the XML file, but to avoid those problems in the future what is the best way to organize the directory structure of Seamly2D when you have multiple projects and several clients to keep organized.

– A.J

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I’m only a home sewer, so only have measurements for family. I always use a standard form when taking measurements that cover all the areas that I use, so everyone’s measurement file have the same items on it. I put the person’s name and then the date in the file name so that each person’s measurement file will be listed under each other in date order because I use the YYYYMMDD format, eg. Duperron E - 20190115. Here is an example of my measurement chart that I used to give the local ladies a lesson on Seamly2D using the books written by Winifred Aldrich: Tape Conversion Chart.pdf (1.3 MB)

With multisize files, they have their own folder and one for each range of sizes is sufficient, so I include the size range in the name of the file. (I normally state the pattern system that I am using first and then the size range.) Eg. Aldrich 32-36.

As for your patterns, that would be a personal thing since you may only use a pattern once as a bespoke or you may use it many times, only changing the measurement file and, perhaps, adding something small to it or removing something.

If it’s a bespoke, I’d suggest using the person’s name first and then a short description. If not, then just a short description or a number reference, if you’re going to have a database (since you’re into IT) to keep all the details of all your patterns.

Basically, it’s whatever suits you best. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the time spent in answering my question. The measurement chart where you cross-ref to the SeamlyMe codes is really a nice feature. I’ll experiment some more with it and will try to develop my own system, be it using distinctive filenames or a folder structure.


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I like cross-referencing with the SeamlyMe - I then sort by codes . It makes it really easy to find the codes in SeamlyME.

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