Bug au premier point

Bonjour à tous ! Je démarre tout juste avec le logiciel et… J’ai un bug que je n’arrive pas à résoudre ! :

je démarre le logiciel, je clique sur nouveau, je clique sur le bouton permettant d’ajouter un nouveau point ; quelque soit les valeurs, lorsque je fais ‘OK’, une fenetre d’erreur apparait, intitulée “Avertissement. --Seamly2D”, sauf qu’il n’y a aucun message dans la fenetre. Impossible de faire quoi que ce soit ensuite. Une seconde fenetre fini par s’ouvrir, m’indiquant que le logiciel ne répond pas, et me demandant soit d’attendre, soit de forcer la fermeture.

Précisions : je suis sous Ubuntu ; j’ai déjà désinstallé puis réinstallé ; redémarré mon PC ; rien n’y fait… Quelqu’un saurait me dépanner ?

D’avance merci à la communauté, en espérant pouvoir très vite profiter de ce logiciel :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome, @Ines

I’m sorry but I don’t know Ubuntu at all, I’m hoping that @kmf will come by and try to help you, as she knows Ubuntu very well.

However, while we’re waiting, can you please let us know exactly which Ubuntu you have and which version of Seamly2D you have loaded?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Bonjour et bienvenue, @Ines

Je suis désolé mais je ne connais pas du tout Ubuntu, j’espère que @kmf viendra et essaiera de vous aider, car elle connaît très bien Ubuntu.

Cependant, en attendant, pouvez-vous nous dire exactement quel Ubuntu vous avez et quelle version de Seamly2D vous avez chargée?

Merci :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Ines.

Do you have the ability to produce a screen shot on your computer? That would be helpful if you can.

What version of Seamly2d do you run? Here is a screen shot that shows the latest official version. Is this what you have? seamlyvsn

You may see this display by clicking on “Help” at the top menu and selecting the last item “About Seamly2D” from that menu.

If you do not have this version, then I can assist you in the upgrade.

There is a known issue that affects several versions of the program when running in Ubuntu. This issue is that error handling is not always done well. Be careful to always click on “OK” or some other function to avoid clicking the “x” to close an pop up window in the program.

This may not be your issue. There is also an issue that the full directory or folder structure is not automatically created when the program is first installed. If possible, please start the Seamly2D program, select the “File” menu from the top, then click on the third icon at the left to show the preferences. Please attach a screen shot and reply here for further assistance.

If you are not able to do this, please just say so and I will help further.

Thank you and have a good evening. Kim

Bienvenue @Ines.

Avez-vous la possibilité de produire une capture d’écran sur votre ordinateur? Ce serait utile si vous le pouvez.

Quelle version de Seamly2d utilisez-vous? Voici une capture d’écran qui montre la dernière version officielle. C’est ça que tu as? ! [seamlyvsn | 290x316] (téléchargement: //u9VcHAkfxsFF2rLEJrlXDflMIUf.png)

Vous pouvez voir cet affichage en cliquant sur ‘Aide’ dans le menu supérieur et en sélectionnant le dernier élément ‘A propos de Seamly2D’ dans ce menu.

Si vous ne disposez pas de cette version, je peux vous aider dans la mise à niveau.

Il existe un problème connu qui affecte plusieurs versions du programme lors de son exécution dans Ubuntu. Ce problème est que la gestion des erreurs n’est pas toujours bien effectuée. Veillez à toujours cliquer sur ‘OK’ ou sur une autre fonction pour éviter de cliquer sur le ‘x’ pour fermer une fenêtre contextuelle dans le programme.

Ce n’est peut-être pas votre problème. Il existe également un problème selon lequel la structure complète du répertoire ou du dossier n’est pas créée automatiquement lors de la première installation du programme. Si possible, veuillez démarrer le programme Seamly2D, sélectionnez le menu ‘Fichier’ en haut, puis cliquez sur la troisième icône à gauche pour afficher les préférences. Veuillez joindre une capture d’écran et répondre ici pour plus d’assistance.

Si vous n’êtes pas en mesure de le faire, veuillez simplement le dire et je vous aiderai davantage.

Merci et bonne soirée. Kim

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What version of Ubuntu? Which version of Ubuntu?

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I have seen this issue in Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. I believe it is a symptom when you get one of many possible minor error situations. One situation is if you try to close a window by clicking the “x” instead of by clicking the exit condition. Another is when you get an error in the file system delivered through an Qt low level routine and not properly caught by an error handler. I think one of those may be the case here but have insufficient information to be sure.

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I can’t fix it if there’s not a small, specific issue in github for each thing. Each issue should be as small and specific as possible to encourage people to develop a fix, and to allow people to test each merge. If issues are sweeping and broad, its hard to understand, hard to code a fix, and hard to test, and hard to add to the change log. I can’t write this up in a github issue because I am unclear about the problem. It’s better to describe it on github.

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Hi, thanks everyone for your help !

After checking, it seems that I don’t have the latest version … Mine is dated on the 13/01/2018… However I downloaded it from the official website yesterday :frowning: On the “About Seamly 2D” menu, when I click on “Check for updates”, the same bug appears and then the program crashes. Could you help me to upgrade it please ?

I’m working with the following version of Ubuntu :

Description: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Release: 18.04
Codename: bionic

Here is a screenshot of my issue : as you can see, my only option is to click on the “X”.

Here is a screenshot of the “Preferences” menu :

Many thanks ! Inès


That’s the same setup as I use, except for the cultural settings, with no problem. Maybe the original download has a blemish?

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@Pneumarian - Do you use Gnome desktop or KDE desktop? Everything I’ve researched says this is a problem between Qt and KDE desktop which uses X11 graphics. Gnome desktop is based on Wayland graphics.

So if you’re running KDE that means something else besides X11 is the problem.

@Pneumarian If you can, please confirm which desktop you’re using:

There’s a known fix for the QT/KDE non-compatability. We have to re-define a Qt environment variable which will tell KDE to run the app’s Qt widgets (pre-defined GUI elements) with Qt library, and to not try to display them as if they were KDE-native elements…

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I’m pretty sure it’s a Unity desktop, so it’s already been made to play nicely with Gnome in spite of being x11. But I think that fix you spoke of might help my Chromebook install run more consistently, whether or not that will help @Ines

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Gnome is Wayland, which works with Qt.

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Hi all, I updated the programm so it seems that I now work with the latest version. But I still have the same issue :frowning: Any idea ?

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@Ines, pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît exécuter couture2D à partir d’un terminal de commande?
Dans Seamly2D, créez un nouveau motif et un nouveau point.
Les messages d’erreur apparaissent-ils dans le terminal de commande ?
Si oui, pouvez-vous les coller ici?

@Ines, Can you please run seamly2D from a command terminal?
In Seamly2D, create a new pattern and new point.
Do error messages appear in the command terminal? If yes, can you paste them here?

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@slspencer, could you please explain me how to run seamly2D from a command terminal ?

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Just type seamly2d in your command terminal.

I assume you’ve met the terminal, since Seamly isn’t part of any of the regular repositories that I’ve heard. :unicorn:

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I have Windows 10, not Linux. When I want to check if any Seamly2D build is generating syserr messages I run it from a command terminal. In Windows, the Seamly2D path isn’t added to the Windows ‘Path’ environment variable during installation. So typing in ‘seamly2d’ returns an error. Using the entire path will work. But you won’t need to specify the entire path for a Linux environment.

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Wonderful, no error message when getting to seamly2d throw the terminal ! !


update : After many points, the same bug appeared, but there is nothing about it in the terminal :


OK good to know. Still looking into the KDE X11 graphics fix. I need a Manjaro laptop, I’m finagling a little used and underpowered Ubuntu laptop from my spouse, getting there, thanks for your patience @Ines. :pray:

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Where do I get this version from? When I try download the windows10-version from the page “seamly.net” I only get a version from 2018. I have missed something, obviously.

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