Building Seamly on Ubuntu 22

I did it, I managed to build Seamly on Ubuntu 22. This computer has been through some trials, so I have no hope of recalling what dependencies I might have previously filled, but here’s what I did, though not completely in the same order. There was a lot of, “Now, how do I fix this dependency?”

My first step, after attempting to figure out the starting point on my own, & which this recounting of my travails will hopefully spare the future adventurer, was to try to figure out if the AppImage stopped being available because a make related file got lost. Eventually I managed to get a compare of the 2022-04-11 vs the 2022-10-31 source & scrolled down until I saw something promising: dist/appimage-builder-recipe-test.yml. A short perusal revealed that qmake was to call the file that looked suspiciously like it ought to be the make related file. The various commands of pertinent, & possibly pertinent utility which I subjected my terminal to follows:

sudo apt install qt5-qmake

Then I was missing some sort of qt core, which apt appeared to think I had, but someone online had suggested this package for that error:

sudo apt install qtbase5-dev

Yay, new error! something about XML. Ooh, this one looks promising. Last time I needed the one with “dev” in its name:

sudo apt install libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev

svg now? I wonder what other drawing type packages I’ll need. Oh well, I can’t think what to search for, I guess I’ll do it one at a time…

sudo apt install libqt5svg5-dev

…but this package having something to do with graphics related widgets sounds super apropos, so I’ll just install it before qmake complains I don’t have it this time:

sudo apt install libqtwt-qt5-dev

I also needed to install this one, I think if I’d been paying attention it would have been about now that I discovered my need instead of at the beginning —seriously, a linux distro without a C compiler in the basic install? psh!:

sudo apt install g++

These commands get run in the base folder of the source code:

sudo qmake PREFIX=/usr -r -d CONFIG+=no_ccache CONFIG+=noDebugSymbols && echo

Note that I’m pretty sure the && echo was superfluous, as well as the PREFIX=/usr. I also was unable to complete the build without the CONFIG+=no_ccache, & suspect that -r is essential. I didn’t experiment much. sudo qmake didn’t show missing dependencies, I think it’s the -d which did that. I didn’t feel like messing around any more than I had to to get it working, so I just used the full string after I discovered that.

sudo make -j$(nproc) && echo

Again, I don’t think the && echo did anything for me, but I was done playing around, & it didn’t complain about it being there.

sudo make install

& now I can open SeamlyMe without opening Seamly2D first! It’s not a huge deal, but every once in a while I have wished that I wasn’t using the AppImage. SeamlyMe still opens with the warning: “QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified” but it still runs, so I guess that’s okay. Oh, & the measurement diagrams still aren’t showing. I may try looking into that sometime, but I have a couple sewing projects that I really ought to prioritize.

Thank you & good night!



If I want to build the latest release, I do it in Qtcreator. I have no idea whether a chromebook has sufficient resources to make this possible. I have a laptop with a intel core i5-334M CPU @ 270 GHz with 8 gigs of ram. I simply clone the repository into a project under Qtcreator on my local machine.

This allows me to tinker with code if I wish and affect nobody but me. It is a lazy way of not having to deal with the build process because I understand someone else is working on that.

This does not address the issue of having to run Seamly2d before you can get to SeamlyME. In fact it makes it worse… you have to leave Qtcreator up and run both from within it. I am waiting for the changes on the main repository to settle down before I attempt to build in Ubuntu launchpad as I used to. This will allow you to run SeamlyME separately


Having been reminded of it by @moniaqua’s question on different thread, here’s the cleaned up list of terminal commands to build/install Seamly:

sudo apt install qt5-qmake qtbase5-dev libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev libqt5svg5-dev libqtwt-qt5-dev g++
sudo qmake PREFIX=/usr -r -d CONFIG+=no_ccache CONFIG+=noDebugSymbols
sudo make -j$(nproc)
sudo make install

After the first line they all must be entered in the base source folder, (the one with,) & it certainly doesn’t hurt to enter them all from that directory.

You can just copy/paste the whole lot into your terminal & trust the shell to get it figured out properly, but if there are any problems it might be better to have entered the commands one at a time.