Calculated custom variables


I don’t know if this is a bug or not. But for my pattern I need to repeat a the same formula a few times. To prevent mistakes and improve readability, I want to use variables for the calculation and use the output to continue drawing.

So I made those 4 variables. image I see the results, and they are correct. But as soon as I want to use those to continue drawing new points. The values changes to 0. image image

Is this a bug? or do I do something it wasn’t designed for? If so, I would like to suggest this function in future builds. Using version built on 14 feb 2022

It may qualify as a bug that it shows you any results in the first place. Seamly2D reads the measurements file first, then the variables list, & then the block. So when you’re entering the variables the block measurements have already been made, but when you’re reading the variables they don’t yet exist as far as Seamly2D is concerned. Which makes sense in a simple linear order, since you want hoek_zijdeel read before you’re wanting to use it.

Possibly once the @Douglas has cleaned up the spaghetti code, the devs could go on to make Seamly2D check back & forth. I know they’ve discussed how to make that work for changing measurements to accept parameters not available when they were first made without dangerous time-travel, & I think once (if) that’s happening it wouldn’t be trouble to expand the method to cover the variables.



Off the top of my head… I’m kinda thinking when you look at the variables it’s like a snapshot of the pattern after parsing, whereas when you’re actually in adding tools you can only see what’s happened upto the point of that tools creation. I don’t know if I’d call this a bug, but rather a limitation of the design.