Can I import default measurements and blocks for women and children?

Hello, I am an avid sewer, but completely new to pattern making!

I would like to create generic patterns for women and children with grading, but not for a specific person (so I wouldn’t want to input my own measurements). Is there a way to download or begin a pattern in Seamly 2D with default measurements?

As well, I would like to know if there is any way to import/download basic blocks for shirts, dresses, etc. into Seamly? Or would I have to develop everything from scratch?


Hello & welcome to the Seamly2D forum, @annaadamiec.

Normally, one would create their own multisize measurement file in SeamlyME, then load that into a new file in Seamly2D and start drafting your pattern pieces. Once your pattern pieces are drafted, you can either down load the various sizes that you wish to make in PDF or other format, or you could load an individual’s measurement chart to download the pattern for a specific person.

However, if you wish to skip a few steps and download a pattern created by someone else, you can look at the My Pattern Cloud - you will need to register. There are a number of measurement files on there with basic patterns that you are welcome to download and start off with.


Hi Anna…

Normally Seamly2D is used as a made to fit application, but if you make a pattern to fit a standard sized dress form, you can easily grade to another size by creating standard size measurements. Basically you would just be reproducing the size table on any given commercial pattern with a set of vit measurements.

Maybe take a look at this topic I made on a dress pattern I took off a draped pattern made on a standard Wolf dress form… Shift Dress Pattern