Can only edit one character at a time with SeamlyMe

Hi all! I’m experiencing a weird bug in SeamlyMe where whenever I make an edit, only the first character I edited actually sticks. I am then forced to continually make edits and click the measurement to continue which is quite annoying.

Does anyone else have experience with this issue? How may it be remedied? Thanks a bunch!

I am using Seamly2d on my windows laptop and this issue sticks through my PC and redownloading with a different installer.


Could you be more specific when you say “an edit”. When editing “known” measurements in Me the only thing you can edit is the formula as the rest is hardcoded in the application. Maybe you can post a screencap showing where in ME you’re having an issue with editing?

I just checked the lastest release, and I have no issues editing a known formula, or adding a Custom measurement. I’m using the Windows release on Windows 11.



Thanks for the response, I’ll elaborate -

Say I make a new measurement, “bust circumference”. I try to assign it a length (say, 36 inches) so I type “36”. When I click anywhere else to update the measurement, it only updates to “3” (the first number I typed). I need to click it again and type “6”.

Same thing when trying to name a custom measurement. I make a new one, go to name it, and it only saves the first letter of whatever name I type. I’ll add some pictures to try clarify it.


Ok… now that I can see the app, I can confirm there is some strange bug. At first I couldn’t figure out why the whole screen is flipped right to left. Then I was able to to zoom in on a pic and realized that you have Hebrew set as the language. I had no idea the app flips the display. I can honestly say I’ve never opened SeamlyMe with the language set at Hebrew, which sort of displays some odd layouts with the widgets… but that aside there does seem to be somethimg wrong with the text boxes. I’ll have to look into the Qt docs and what the code is trying to do to see if I can resolve the issue.

The question is, are you having any of the same issue in Seamly2D?


Ohhh, the language thing may be it. I’ll check on it tomorrow morning. No, on Seamly2D itself it works just fine. Thanks a bunch!

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You can set the language on each app seperate from one another… so that could be why Seamly2D is ok for you?

That being said… I did some research on the “layout direction” which the application can set when a language is loaded. Hebrew is a RTL language, which is why the ME main window is setting to read RTL… but for some reason it appears to not be propogating down through all the child widgets. Which is why there is probably a conflict between the way the text boxes are displaying and the way they are editing… Switcing the language will for sure fix the issue, but that still leaves a bug in the app(s) that should be resolved. It may be something simple… or a lot of custom code to reconfigure the gui based on an RTL language. I also took a look at some other apps and how they handle Hebrew…none of them flipped the layout, they just translate the text. I don’t know what the standard best practice is?