Cannot find object with ID 225 --> "Can’t find point “A25” in list"

I’m getting a lot of these with the lastest version. Usually only when i switch from Piece mode to draft mode & try to add a new pattern piece.

sorry if this issue has been solved already.

Seamly 2024.1.1.152 Macbook M2 Pro

Bildschirm­foto 2024-01-31 um 13.33.09


It means some tool / object got deleted but is still referenced in another tool or piece. It’s known that there are issues when using the Union tool (which is what I’m currently working on resolving). Did you by chance use the Union tool… or maybe an Internal Path… or maybe delete a piece or internal path? If not do you recall what tool you last used before the error?

If you post the the pattern file (and any measurement file used) we can fix the file… worst case you might loose the last piece created.


ah, thanks! i didn’t think I’d deleted an object… i didn’t use the union tool, might have fiddled with an internal path. thanks for clearing this up! I’d never seen this remark.

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sorry to be a bother again! But I think I uploaded/documented the wrong issue: the message reads "can’t find point “A25” in list, otherwise it’s the same as described.

it’s always referring to the previous/base point of the one I mark, and it happens when I switch from Piece to Draft. Fixing it by shutting down & reopening the pattern. Is there something I’m doing wrong or can avoid?


Did you ever have a pattern piece, that did inclue A25, that you deleted?

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Post the pattrrn so we can take a look to see it it’s the pattern or the app.


That’s not the problem. I can see in the attached screencap point A25… so it’s there. The warning is being generated in the Properies Editor. I need to see the pattern to acertain what tool is looking for A25 that it can’t find, and whether it’s an issue from updating the Props editor that I missed, or whether the it’s not a current app ver where I have already fixed several of these Can’t find point warnings. My guess is that A25 is the start point of the curve?


Yes, that’s the weird thing, all referred points are there.

  • if I click A24, it would tell me can’t find point A23 in list, and so on…
  • The starting point of Spl_A23_A18 is a point called A23 closer to A36.
  • I have a feeling this happens mostly when I add nodes to a pattern piece, arrange in piece mode, then return to draft mode an click objects in my block: Just tested by grabbing Spl_A23_A18 and being prompted “can’t find point A23 in list”, and then “can’t find point A18 in list”.

Also, it’s a pattern I work on for a client, would it be ok if I dm you the pattern & measurements?


It will be perfectly fine to DM the pattern & measurements to @Douglas.

That would be fine.