Cannot open file after trying to unite two pattern pieces


I cannot open my pattern file after trying to unite two pattern pieces in the detail mode. I get this error message.

I hope it is fixable and someone can help me, because I just lost several hours of work. I saved the file just before using the union tool, but forgot to do a second back up :cry:


Hi @Trine, Can you post your .val & .vit files so we can troubleshoot?

Jeans Block (46-58 incl. cups).val (79.7 KB) Aldrich_Women_46-56_cupC.vst (3.3 KB)

H @Trine, Can you tell me which version of Valentina you are using? The pattern file showed version 4.0 (this is the pattern file format version, not the same as the version of Valentina code.)

The uniontool saved your Grainline objects with commas instead of decimal places. @d-old, what do you think about this?

Are you on a Mac? If so, have you made custom language &/or country selections in OSX preferences on your Mac?I ask this because the remainder of the data in your pattern file uses decimals, so it’s interesting that it used commas for the grainlines after you used the detail join tool.

I replaced the commas in the two grainlines with decimals, and the pattern file opens properly. When you open this file, it will show a message that it can’t find the measurement file. Navigate to where your measurement file is on your computer.

I renamed your *.val file without parentheses & dashes & extra dots, just in case that was a problem, but it wasn’t a problem. :relaxed: Rename this file back to your original filename if you wish. Jeans Block 46 58 incl cups.val (79.6 KB)

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Thank you, thank you , thank you! The file now opens perfectly. :heart_eyes:

I’ll keep my hands off the union tool for the time being.

This is the version of Valentina, that I’m using.

and I’ve set the primary language to Danish on my MAC

This is not critical bug very easy to fix. @slpencer already did this.

@Trine you are using very old test build. See the date of build February 13. It is almost 5 test build behind. We publish new test build on Monday. So, i recommend to update.

As too this bug. I believe it was fixed several weeks ago.


I will update to the newest test build. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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