Can't delete points

just added a couple of points and realized i needed to insert them at a different point in history first. deleted them from pattern piece but still unable to delete them.

points A159_A44 and A159.

dain jacket.sm2d (228.6 KB) dain 031224.smis (2.1 KB)

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and now just crashed by just leaving points where they were and trying to add new ones the correct point in history.

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Hi @emilyli

To delete the lines that you created in the wrong place, you also need to delete any lines connecting 2 points and any other objects created that connect to the line that you wish to delete that were created afterwards.

In your case, A159_a44 will need to be deleted 1st, since it’s a mirror of A159.

If you used the point in a pattern piece, then you must 1st delete the pattern piece, or the reference to that point in the pattern piece, before the Delete will become available.

When using the History, remember that if you create an object at some previous place, you need to select that line in the History before creating the next object that will reference the object just made, otherwise you’ll be trying to create something before the reference object has been made.

The History doesn’t move down onto the object just created.

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Which could be a main path node, an internal path node, or an anchor point… which could be in any number of pieces.

Which is why we need to create some means to identify what dependencies a given point has.


i can’t delete A159_a44 either.

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Did you use it in a pattern piece?

yes but i removed the point. do i need to delete the entire pattern piece?

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Normally no. Just any reference to the point… like a main path, internal path node, or anchor point.