Can't find object by id


For my tests, I created several curves with the same origin and same end point. Wen trying to find them in a formula, I realized that they all get the same name: SplPath_G6_G7, which makes them hard to identifiate.

But a bit later, while trying to add a point on one of this curve, I got this error message, so I’m not the only one having hard time to find them :slight_smile:

It’s ok on the first one created (going through G9), but the 2 last can’t be find (going through F5 and F6).

Please, post the file and i will look.

Can’t post the original test file, it’s really messy :slight_smile:

I recreated the problem, and discovered that the behaviour is not consistent. At my first attemps I created my 3 curves (anticlockwise A_A3_A1 for example), and when trying to segment a curve path, two were giving an error message. And the positive one was this time the last created, not the first one.

I deleted my 3 curves and recreated them clockwise this time. Now only the first one give the error message when trying to segment a curve path. The 2 last are ok.

See the file enclosed.

test curves.val (5,8 Ko)

Thank you for the bug report. I have publish a patch. Should work now. But your file is corrupted and will not work.

Cool, that was quick ! No worry for the file, as said, it’s only for testing purpose. I’ll check that on the next release.

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Tested on today’s built. So far so good, well done.


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