Can't open file, missing child element, help

when trying to open my pattern file i get a critical error, File error. Exception: Element tools is missing child element. error looks like this.

what does this mean? is there anyway to fix it? i was able to upload the file to and it seems to have a lot of calculation errors in it. i dont know much about coding. if someone could take a look at the file and help find a fix that would be so helpful. here’s the file nophica.val (126.8 KB)


i couldn’t post the measurements in the original post cindy measurements.vit (1.1 KB)


Welcome to the Seamly Forum! I’m sorry it had to be like this.

I deleted the XML for the Union piece which was causing the issue:

nophica.val (124.8 KB)

Someday we hope to have an operational Union tool, but for now it’s best to handle the job in the Draft mode using the Move & mirror tools.


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Well it seems THIS is my next priority. As I’ve pointed out there’s a bunch of issues with the Union tool, but I think the issue with the tool that causes the crashes is when you don’t keep the orginal pieces, and it leads to the missing “child” node(s) that are spawned when the orginals are deleted.