Can't select path to add a new pattern piece

I have drafted out my blocks and am trying to add new pattern pieces but it won’t let me select the path. I can only select curved pieces and can’t seem to select the straight lines.

Can someone help me?

dain jacket.val (15.4 KB)


That’s because (straight) lines are not a selectable object. Only points and curves are selectable objects. A path is made up of only points. A curve is nothing but a series of points, or if you will a series of line segments. Depending on the accuracy of the curve, it will determine the number of segments in the curve. A high accuracy produces a very smooth curve, while a low accuracy will produce a visual series of line segments. Currently the accuracy of the curves is fixed in the app. If you zoom all the way in you can see the line segments.

So when you select 2 points, a line is automatically drawn between the 2 points. When you add a curve, all the points that make up the curve are used. It should be noted that curves have a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Since a path always has to be in a clockwise direction, when you select a curve the app attempts to determine the direction of the curve based on the previous points, and if neccessary it will auto reverse the curve for you. In rare cases you may need to reverse the curve manually, which can be done by holding the SHIFT key down while selecting the curve OR you can change it later in the Pattern Piece dialog -. Main Path list. In even rarer cases you may need to keep the app from reversing a curve, which you can hold the CTRL key down while selecting the curve OR edit the direction later. Something else you can do in the Pattern Piece dialog main path list is Duplicate a curve segement if you missed adding one when you have a point on the curve. It saves you from having to go back to Draft mode and using the Insert Node Tool to add a missed curve segment. Once you gain experience with piece paths, you’ll be able to tell whether a curve’s direction is wrong by the fact the piece doesn’t draw correctly.

So - in clockwise direction - you can select your starting point, the next and so on. If you want to add a curve it’s best to select the curves starting point, then the curve, and then the end point. If you want to include a point on a curve, select the curve start point, the curve segment, the point, the following curve segment, then the end point.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


i also tried selecting points but couldn’t do that either. will try again.

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started at a point that wasn’t a curve and that worked. thanks!


Glad you git it working.

If you have the latest version you should be able to start with a curve, but l always suggest to include a curves start and endpoints.