Choice of lines don't appear in "Lenght of lines" list


I have seen this problem a few times : some lines don’t appear in “Lenght of lines” list in the formula menu. I usually make sure that the line exist by adding it before trying to ad it in the formula.

Any ideas what could cause that?


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if you post .val and .vit files and a more detailed description how to reproduce the issue, I would be happy to take a look at it


Time travel, for one thing. That is, looking for a subsequent line’s length when editing a previous object.

For another, if the line is actually part of a different line, or actually made of several lines.

& that’s just the ones I’ve met! Which is why @kmf expressed that the only way to be sure to give a pertinent answer is to see the pertinent file(s).


Thank you for your fast response!

OK, I’ve rechecked and it seems it’s working now. Maybe I’ve made a mistake while trying to add the lines (wrong name of the line, maybe?)…

Anyway, if I see the same issue again, I will let you know.

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@Pneumarian was right on with the “time travel” observation. if you search through past posts on this forum, you will see discussion about editing the order (history) of objects. I have sometimes used one pattern file to experiment, then very quickly been able to recreate it with a cleaner approach once I have learned what will work

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